Drain Cleaning

Fat, oil, grease, tree roots, etc., can slow or stop water on its way out of your structure. Trust us to take care of the issue quickly and affordably.

We Clean Slow or Completely Stopped Drains

When it works as intended, a drain is meant to provide a quick exit for wastewater, food scraps, and other unwanted things, fast. When a drain fails to perform that task by working too slowly or failing to work altogether, it becomes a terrible inconvenience. Fat, oil, grease, and roots or mineral deposits may be the cause, but it’s difficult to say exactly what the culprit is without the aid of a professional. Fortunately, you have exactly who you need to know in such a situation standing by and ready to be of great assistance.

Licensed and Insured Master Plumber and Contractor

Fast and Affordable Drain Cleaning

While cleaning drains may seem like unsavory work, it’s all part and parcel of what a complete service like Holm’s Plumbing has to offer. As such, we are exceedingly good at it, and can quickly and effectively scour your drains and pipes without harming any of your valuable plumbing. If your drains are performing in any way other than completely satisfactorily, please call us so we can come out and remedy the problem.

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