Water Softeners

Discolored clothing, spotty dishes, dry skin, and dull hair can result from water with too much calcium and magnesium in it. A water softening system will fix all that!

Hard Water Causes Many Annoyances

Water becomes hard after it has dissolved calcium and magnesium on its way into your home, where it will cause a great many hassles. Clothing washed in hard water will become uncomfortable or discolored, dishes will become spotted, and hair will become dull, copper-colored, and even sticky. Most damaging of all, hard water will gradually accumulate as mineral deposits in your home’s plumbing, reducing your waterflow and eventually necessitating the work of a plumber!

We Install Water Softeners

The best way to deal with any problem is to keep it from rearing its ugly head in the first place, which in the case of hard water means installing a water softener. When you pair with Holm’s Plumbing, you’ll have access to our industry’s state of the art water softening solutions. These affordable machines utilize a unique ion exchange process to effectively remove the damaging minerals from your water supply, so you can count on receiving good, clean water for many years to come. Call us for a new water softener installation!

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