Sewer Line Repair

From root intrusions to cracking, we’ll fix your broken sewer and get it flowing smoothly. We also do replacements. Call us at the first sign of trouble!

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While it may be out of sight, your sewer line should never be out of mind. Although buried beneath the ground, your sewer line is subject to incurring root intrusions, cracks, and other kinds of damage which may cause it to work less than optimally, or to fail altogether. If you are experiencing backups in your plumbing fixtures, detect mold, a faint or strong odor of sewer gas in your home, or have noticed indentations or unusually lush patches of grass in your lawn, then your sewer may very well be in need of urgent repair.

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There’s No Good Time for Sewer Problems

Don’t wait for it to fail altogether! Rather, call your friends at Holm’s Plumbing right away. Seemingly, as a rule, a sewer never picks an opportune time to break, but with our unwavering professionalism and willingness to respond even to calls made at odd hours of the day, you can take comfort that you’ve got us on your side in the event that your sewer decides to malfunction. Should your sewer be beyond repair, we can also perform a full replacement.

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